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Welcome to the World of Amon Drop List page!  This is currently a task being underway mainly by Death with the help of Az and some help from Flowbee.  We are working as quickly as possible to get it up and running with all of the information.


The Amon Cluster

The Cluster is no more.  As of 9-10-09 DM Ren officially shut down all his servers. 

He posted his work on Neverwinter Vault, which is where DM Shoric retrieved it and began hosting (circa 2014).

The World of Amon can currently be found:

On the NWNList Scry (1.69)


The Beamdog Master Server (EE)



Discord:  https://discord.gg/nzUtYCD



If you do not see the Amon server in the NWNList or Beamdog or if you prefer, you can use Direct Connect with the IP addresses exactly as listed, for example... : 5122 Note the colon between the IP address, and the port number.






Accessories - Finished

Armor - Finished

Misc. - Finished

Shields - Finished

Weapons - Finished


Weapons CEP - Not Started



*Note: The creature drop list does not have the stats of the items.  It only has what items each creature drops* 



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